Syndicate of Money Changers

About Us


We are the Syndicate of Money Changers in Lebanon.

October 8th, 1966, the first Syndicate of Money Changers was established in Lebanon, centered in Beirut, aiming to raise the level of the exchange profession “morally, socially and financially,” by Messrs. Edgar Chaaya, Fouad Tabbara, Joseph El-Samen, and Agob Oglian.

vision and objectives


To become a trusted Order, with up-to-date autonomous internal systems, having good posture/relationship with governing bodies, and strong exposure with the public.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Change the syndicate legal standing and become an Order.
  2. Make the Syndicate as an active entity for the public and authorities to revere and trust.
  3. Digitize and create up-to-date systems to automate internal processes, bridge the gap between exchangers and the syndicate, and to group them into a coherent entity.
  4.  Drive the Exchangers to back the syndicate and conform by its rules by ensuring their rights, meeting with them, and providing them with the necessary training and guidance.
Our Story

The first board of directors was announced on January 31, 1967, headed by Chaaya and Messrs. Abdul Rahman Merhi, Fouad Tabbara, Jack Azadian, and the union continued until June 19, 1975, then it seized its operations until April 24, 1993 due to the Lebanese war. Its work was revived and a new board was elected. It consists of Messrs. Edgar Chaaya, Mohammad Shouman, Mahmoud Halawi, Ramiz Mekattaf, Farouk Tabbara, Hikaram Kalanjian, Jean Assaf, Elie Zeila, Michel Bassoul, Adnan Qabbani, Marwan Moubayed and Riad Jaloul.


The Board of Directors of the Syndicate succeeded from 1967 until the current Council, which was elected on 19/04/2023, by a number of Honorable Members who had a positive impact on the historical path of the Syndicate.


The Current Council, headed by the President, Dr. Majd Walid El Masri, and the Members, each in his position, aims to uphold the word of the affiliate members of the union and serve them to the fullest. They are: Elias Joseph Srour, Mahmoud Mrad, Levon Kostanian, Shadi Machmouchi, Karo Kalangian. And the Advisory Members: Antoine Maroun, Mahmoud Halawi, Ramez Mekataf, Abboud Boghos, Omar Kotob and Majid Shams.


The present board has set strategic goals and will work constantly to achieve them. It aspires to win the exchangers’ trust, respect of the public, and a strong posture with all regulatory departments. Another major objective is to change the Legal status of the Syndicate to become a Professional Order. Hence, becoming an active entity and a vital pillar in the Lebanese economic and financial system. It is currently developing modern digital systems to automate internal operations and bring Exchangers closer to the Syndicate while molding them into a cohesive entity.

Our People

Meet the team

Elias Joseph Srour

Vice President